Hotel Lindrum – The Very Best 5 Star Hotel Melbourne CBD


Hotel Lindrum, a 5 star hotel Melbourne CBD treat, will be your new favourite thing about Melbourne. Where so many other 5 star hotels are abundant with luxury but have an excessive price tag to match, Hotel Lindrum delivers on all accounts. Looking for a 5 star hotel Melbourne, CBD, doesn’t have to be tedious or frustrating. Browse online to secure a spot for the date you want today!


Five Star Status


Melbourne is a vibrant, young city and the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. It is the second most populous city in Australia, second to Sydney with about 4 and a half million inhabitants, as of 2016. Melbourne has gained recognition as Australia’s culture and athletic capital and, as such, has quickly grown as a popular tourist destination.


The center of the city of Melbourne’s is a grid comprised of streets, green spaces and retail and office buildings, adjacent to the Yarra River. It is made up of spacious, tree-lined streets often interwoven with tramlines. Most of Melbourne’s business is conducted here and the city itself is a major center for Australian and Asian trade and commerce.


Many accommodations that make up 5 star hotels Melbourne CBD are suitable for businessmen and families or couples traveling for leisure. Few contain all of the qualifications and luxuries of a 5 star hotel at a rate affordable to all.


Though travel sites, bloggers and those in the hospitality industry differ slightly from one another, the thing that generally defines a 5 star accommodation is:

  • Service: Attentiveness and above-and-beyond staff are one of the main distinguishing factors in a 5 star hotel. This includes concierge service, poolside service, front-desk staff and car services. Being able to adjust your booking, bringing a cot into a room for a child or checking in early/checking out late, are other important parts of determining service quality.
  • Individuality: Unique décor and personalized rooms are another thing that separate 5 star hotels from large hotel chains or budget accommodations
  • 5 star beds: Sleep is one of the most important aspects of any trip, whether it is for business or vacation. Getting a good nights sleep is important anywhere but it is particularly important when you’re not in the comfort of your own home. Luxuriously soft bedding and a mattress that is supportive without being too hard are two distinguishing factors in a 5 star hotel.
  • High-quality, brand name bath products: You never want to waste space packing your own bath products on a long trip and having low-quality shampoos and soaps can leave how you feel post-shower less-than luxurious. Superb dining: Having onsite restaurants and in-room dining options that rival those you would find outside of the hotel is an important requirement of a 5 star hotel. You should be satisfied and even wowed by the dining onsite at a 5 star accommodation. This also includes high-quality tea and coffee making facilities, complete with all of the add-ins, and a full service mini bar.


Of all of the 5 star hotels Melbourne CBD, Hotel Lindrum hits all of these marks and then some.


  • Service: Award-winning, attentive service that is always delivered with a smile is a key to Hotel Lindrum’s success. From the front desks constant consideration and availability to a concierge ready to call a car, make a reservation or fulfill any last minute request, the Lindrum staff is what makes the hotel so special.
  • Individuality: Hotel Lindrum stands out amongst other Melbourne hotel’s for it’s character and charm. A historic building, the hotel maintains it’s original infrastructure with many upgrades along the way. It is not part of a chain and it is quite clearly one-of-a-kind.
  • 5 star beds: The mattress and bedding at the Lindrum were all recently updated, creating a plush bed you will look forward to sinking into after a long day or work or play.
  • High-quality, brand name bath products: Hotel Lindrum uses Appelles Apothecary products, an organic, well-known Australian brand that will leave you smelling as great as you feel after your showers.
  • Superb Dining: Each room at the Lindum comes with a gourmet mini bar along with T2 and plunger coffee making capabilities. The dining onsite is not just great for a hotel but is celebrated throughout the Melbourne CBD. What sets these fine dining options even further apart from other 5 star hotels is their ability to address even the most particular of requests. Have a gluten allergy? Are you vegan? Want to maintain a strict diet while traveling? The Lindrum can accommodate gluten-free, vegan and super healthy diets; don’t be afraid to ask!


Searching for the best 5 Star Hotel Melbourne offers doesn’t have to be a pain! Never fret that the hotel you choose isn’t what you expected or that your certain requests can’t be made. While another 5 Star Hotel Melbourne may satisfy all your guidelines for the ideal luxury accommodation, it may not be within budget or have the perfect location in the midst of the activity and culture of Melbourne’s downtown. Choosing Hotel Lindrum provides all of those things.


We spent three nights at the Lindrum in April as part of a three-week trip to Australia and the Lindrum was one, if not the, favourite of the hotels we stayed at. It is beautifully appointed with high ceilinged, well-proportioned rooms; the only drawback being a window that looked out onto a brick wall although that did not worry us. The design throughout is elegant and cool, breakfast was excellent and dinner too. The staff were really welcoming, friendly and helpful. Location is in easy walking distance to restaurants, shops, and the riverside. We loved Melbourne and would like to return and if that happens, we’ll stay here again (I hope!)”


Hotel Lindrum is the best 5 star hotel Melbourne CBD choice for any traveler. The 5 star accommodation meets old-school charm and history with updated amenities and luxuries. If you’re looking for a unique and conveniently located boutique hotel, the Lindrum can’t be beat! Book a room online today and start planning your trip to Melbourne.