What to do in Melbourne City?

There are more things than you can imagine, but first you need to get there. For that matter, where is “there”, exactly? Naturally, finding a perfect hotel comes first, and of these there are many. Centrally located or otherwise, Melbourne hotels are generally in the midst of things, simply because there is quite a lot going on throughout the city.

What to do in Melbourne City?

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What to do in Melbourne today? Define “today”!

What to do in Melbourne today? Many things, to be sure, but some seasons are more abundant in festivals than others, and in many other happenings besides. Although, generally, the best time to visit Melbourne is pretty much anytime, still there is more to experience in summer than in other seasons.

Melbourne has a temperate climate and, in addition, travellers from the Northern Hemisphere can easily escape their own winter season for an Australian summer (and the other way around). January is the hottest month (average temperatures stand at ca. 70ºF or 21ºC), and July is the coldest (average temperatures stand at ca. 50ºF or 10ºC).

Important to know is that during the main holidays (Christmas and New Year), hotels are generally more expensive and accommodation more difficult to book. Moreover, accommodation is also in demand during major sporting events, such as the Australian Open Grand Slam in January and the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in March, so, unless you intend to attend them, best skip this season.

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What to do in Melbourne Australia?

What to do in Melbourne Australia once there? Melbourne is a vibrant city, swarming with entertainment and art exhibitions. Especially prized for its creativity, the city is home to numerous galleries, museums, theatres and some of the world’s finest street art.

As to what to do in Melbourne City, visiting some of these gems is definitely recommended. (More on galleries and arts in separate articles)

What to do in Melbourne City?

Street art is difficult to miss, as Hosier Lane is one of the first stops for most tourists. If you are new to the city, though, it’s best to learn how to move about first.

Arriving at Tullamarine

Tullamarine is Melbourne's main airport. It is 23km away from the CBD, with the average journey taking anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes (depends on traffic). Numerous transport options are available on arrival, with information access points displayed on the terminals. The terminals adjoin one another, so there’s no need to switch buses to reach other ones.

Common transportation options

  • Skybus (commuting time: 20 to 40 minutes)  

SkyBus is the main airport shuttle to and from Tullamarine and the city. It operates around the clock (leaves every ten minutes from two locations directly outside the terminals). Commuting time to Southern Cross Station ranges from 20 to 35 minutes. Ticket price: $19 one way/$38 return per adult. Up to four children travel free. SkyBus has a shuttle service from Southern Cross Station to most Melbourne accommodation venues.  

  • Starbus, VHA Airport Shuttle (commuting time: 20 to 40 minutes)  

Many shuttle buses, including Starbus and VHA Airport Shuttle, run directly from the airport to inner city hotels. They depart from departure Zone L (a 50 metre walk from the SkyBus departure points at the international terminal). Starbus and VHA Airport Shuttle serve a greater inner city area than SkyBus and are, as such, particularly convenient for travellers not staying at CBD hotels. Ticket price: from $18 to $25 per adult (depends on the location). Numerous suburb shuttles services are also available. Ticket price: from $20 to $90 (depends on the suburb). 

  • Taxi (up to four people; commuting time: 20 to 40 minutes) 

A  taxi to the city costs between A$55 and $65, with the compulsory airport fee included.

  • Public transportation (commuting time: 70 to 90 minutes)  

Public transportation is an inexpensive way to get to the city. You will need a universal Myki card ($4 + $6 for Myki) to use it. The Public Transport Victoria bus stops are located near Terminal 4. The easiest way to get to the city is by using a combined bus and train, namely the 901 bus to Broadmeadows station and the train to Flinders Street (CBD). Public transportation leaves at 15 minute intervals (working days, daytime) and every half hour (nights and weekends).

Arriving at Avalon Airport

Sita Buses offer transfers between Avalon Airport and the Southern Cross Station Coach Terminal in Melbourne. Ticket price: $20 one way and $36 return. There is the option for a bus to pick you up at a city hotel, if a 48 hour’s notice has been given. Approximate taxi fare: $80 to and from Melbourne.

Public Transportation in Melbourne City

Melbourne has a neat public transportation system that will get you literally anywhere. Again, you will need a universal Myki card ("smart card" fare system) to use it (used on buses, trams and trains).

Purchasing a Myki Visitor Value Pack is the best thing to do, as it will save you loads of money in the long run. Regular Myki costs $6 and can be purchased at the airport on the 901 bus to Broadmeadows and by a special visitors' pack (visit the Skybus booth (terminal 1)). Skybus does not accept Myki cards — it only sells Myki visitor packs.

Further out, a free tram zone is available outside the CBD; it connects one end of town to the other. So, lots of free rides are guaranteed.

Rent a car in Melbourne City

If you would like to drive around, you could rent a car at the airport. There are several operators to choose from, including Redspot, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and Thrifty. Check CityLink tolls with your chosen rental company, as the drive to the city is along CityLink. Alternately, you can take non-tolled routes (arterial roads), e.g. Mt Alexander Road.

Discovering what to do in Melbourne City

It won’t take you long to discover what to do in Melbourne City. The city is artistic, buzzing and romantic at the same time, so you will find tranquillity as well as wild parties with no difficulties. See our other articles for suggestions on entertainment, bars, restaurants, tours and recommended activities.

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