What is the best breakfast Melbourne?

Where to find the best breakfast Melbourne? That’s rather a frequent question, and with multiple answers to boot. Melbourne hotels and breakfast venues are many, since the city is both huge and a popular tourist spot. You know what is the best thing about it? You will get to choose away. All kinds of dietary options are to be found with ease.

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Hotel Lindrum breakfast Melbourne

The Lindrum Hotel serves some of the most delicious breakfast Melbourne has to offer. Enter the Felt restaurant, reputedly one of the best-loved Melbourne dining options, according to numerous surveys. Felt is a pleasant place on top of being an ideal breakfast venue. Felt is located on the ground floor; it seats up to 40 guests in a private setting.

Felt’s chefs always listen to your wishes. Therefore, you may expect specially made breakfast in line with your dietary habits. By no means are you limited to the menu alone. When it comes to the menu, however, it includes a wide variety of options, as to cater to everyone’s tastes.

Breakfast at the Lindrum hotel Melbourne

To get the idea of what to expect, here are some of the guests’ favourite breakfasts at Felt:

  • Lindrum breakfast (two free range eggs, grilled Istra bacon, pork and fennel sausage, thyme roasted tomato and Brasserie sourdough bread )
  • Felt breakfast bowl (kale chips, farrow, red quinoa, nigella, almonds, feta cheese, herb dressing and two sunny side up eggs)
  • Artesian toast board (three slices of Brasserie sourdough toast with your choice of Jam Lady Jams: raspberry grappa jam/blood orange marmalade/blackberry shiraz jam/strawberry aniseed jam)
  • Artesian bakery board (Bridor Danish, croissant, and daily house made muffin served with Jam Lady Jam)
  • Avocado & feta smash (avocado, Danish feta, mint, parsley and lemon)
  • Bircher muesli (chia seeds, roasted cinnamon apple and mixed berry syrup)
  • Green market fruit plate (freshly cut seasonal fruit with lychee and honey natural frozen yoghurt)
  • Cured trout rösti (Padre coffee cured trout served on potato rösti, pickled red onions, topped with a free range poached egg, caviar and herbed crème Fraiche)
  • Huevos Rancheros baked eggs (two 63° eggs, black beans, ranchero sauce, herbed crème Fraiche, jalapeno Monterey jack cheese, pickled red onions and Brasserie sourdough)
  • Chai spiced tropical granola (grapefruit, mint, honey and natural yoghurt)
  • Chia pudding (mango tapioca and chia pudding with coconut, corn flakes and buckwheat crumb)
  • Traditional oatmeal (porridge topped with warm baked cinnamon apples, toasted almond flakes and brown sugar on the side)
  • Avocado & feta smash
  • Zucchini fritters (spiced cauliflower, rocket, beetroot labneh, a poached egg and crisp)

As you can see, the Lindrum hotel Melbourne CBD has made sure to create a diverse menu that includes traditional breakfasts, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes. If you have any specific requests, simply ask the Felt staff — they’ll be happy to prepare a very special breakfast just for you.

Other breakfast Melbourne CBD recommendations

If you prefer dining out, you will find many other breakfast Melbourne CBD venues, both near the Lindrum Hotel and throughout the city. Large or small, flashy or secluded, they all exude an air of originality. It’s Melbourne we’re talking about, after all!

What is the best breakfast Melbourne?

Best breakfast Melbourne venues

Whether you are interested in Australian national cuisine, traditional meals or specific dietary options, you will find many a restaurant to meet your needs. Listed below are some of Melbourne’s finest breakfast venues.

The Kettle Black

The Kettle Black serves both national and international cuisine. The place is prized for its creativity, which is to say you may expect only the finest ingredients, mixed in an unexpected yet seldom more delicious way. I.e., King Island crayfish and Flinders Island wallaby are easily coupled with Kettle’s house-fermented yoghurt.

The place is relaxed — displaying the panorama of St Andrews — and features birch-wood stools and a marble bar. The Kettle Black serves custom-blend espresso from 5 Senses; during the season, a coffee cart is placed out the front for takeaways.

The Kettle is close to just about any hotel Melbourne CBD.


Rudimentary serves delicious food in a pleasant garden setting with a glass wall, allowing a view of herbs and lavender beds.

It’s not all about appearance, however. Rudimentary offers a tasty mixture of international dishes. Its chefs — Shane Donelly and Thomas Ainslie (formerly of Duchess of Spotswood) — mix fermented and pickled ingredients with some of the world’s best loved dishes.

Examples include nashi and crème fraiche and house-cured ocean trout with pickled cucumber. The place is famous for its delicious Vietnamese coffee.


Moby serves Middle Eastern breakfast in an eye-pleasing setting. The restaurant constitutes three levels leading to an open rooftop. Example dishes include salads (quite a lot of them, too), breakfast one with buckwheat, kale, avocado, basil, chilli, dukkah and a poached egg, and the harissa beans with shanklish cheese. Lots of oriental spices are used.

Ned’s Bake

Ned’s Bake serves various breads, such as green olive grissini and French and Italian-style loaves. Buns, pastries and tarts are also served, as are mini brioche sandwiches.

For healthy dietary options, there are fruit cakes with raspberry cream, pistachio and strawberries. Certainly pancakes are also abundant — an exquisite example is the mascarpone pancakes, served with coconut ice-cream, strawberries and balsamic vinegar. Neapolitan pizzas are also one of guests’ favourites.

Best breakfast Melbourne?

So, which would be the best breakfast Melbourne? As you can see, the answer is difficult to pick, with all those tasty dishes lurking at every corner. Lindrum’s Felt restaurant is convenient and affordable, while other ones are, perhaps, good on the go. In any case, taste, discover and enjoy! After all, there’s no such thing as too much food!

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