Best Melbourne restaurants

Numerous Melbourne restaurants offer a glimpse into the city’s thriving history on top of guaranteeing an excellent fare. Breakfast, dinner, high tea — anything goes. Take a walk from the CBD to Melbourne’s suburbs and enjoy the fiesta of tastes as you go.

Best Melbourne restaurants

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Best restaurants Melbourne CBD

Some truly spectacular restaurants Melbourne CBD are expecting you with open arms. To begin with, Melbourne caters to all tastes, which is to say you may expect local and international dishes galore. Many cheap restaurants are to be found even in the city centre — don’t be misguided by the prices! The finest dishes are not necessarily the most costly ones! Let’s look at some restaurant recommendations.

Felt Restaurant

Felt Restaurant is the pride of Hotel Lindrum (26 Flinders St.) and one of top-ranked dining venues in Melbourne CBD. It is reasonably priced, too, with many courses to choose from. What would be the best thing about it? Probably the fact that all dietary needs are observed. Don’t be shy to ask for a vegan or gluten-free dinner.

Felt Restaurant serves high tea and hosts all kinds of special celebrations. The staff are friendly and see to all guests’ needs, so give them a call or visit directly for some of Melbourne’s best dining options.

An example menu: Artesian toast board, Lindrum breakfast, Artesian bakery board, Avocado and feta smash (breakfast), pork and shitake mushroom dumplings, Asian herbs, with soy chili dressing, Manchego cheese and jalapeno croquettes, Karaage chicken ribs, crispy onion miso mayo, wild mushroom ricotta ravioli, pecorino and crisp sage (dinner).

The Lindrum hotel Melbourne CBD is definitely a must-visit: their prices are reasonable, the food exquisite, and the staff outstanding.

Osteria Ilaria

Osteria Ilaria (367 Little Bourke St,) won the prestigious Restaurant of the Year Time Out Food Reward for 2017. This high-end restaurant serves exclusive dishes, examples of which include baby octopus with 'nduja (Google it!), paccheri with Crystal Bay prawn meat, and corn-fed duck with Marsala hazelnut sauce accompanied by grilled radicchio.

Their booze list is no less impressive than the menu, with all kinds of international and local drinks to be expected. Ilaria seats up to 90 guests, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.


Tulum (217 Carlisle St., Balaclava) is a Turkish restaurant. Like the name portends (“tulum” translates to “party”), the restaurant serves festive dishes. The good news is they come at affordable prices. Tulum is really all about casual dining. As for the menu, expect all kinds of traditional dishes, which is to say: yoghurts, barbeque, all kinds of meat and delicious Turkish sweets.

If you’ve never tasted Turkish sweets before, it’s high time you changed that. Try some sutlac (rice pudding) or baklava or tulumba or atayef (kataif) for the authentic taste of the Ottoman cuisine. Tip: Turkish sweets are high in sugar and oil, so don’t overdo that main dish.

Cutler & Co.

Cutler & Co. (55/57 Gertrude St., Fitzroy) is all about fine dining. In the owners’ own words, the restaurant “strikes a balance between elegance and simplicity,” but we’d say it’s more on the elegant side. Served is an excellent selection of finest main courses, as well as a good number of salads and desserts.

Guests’ favourites include the roasted pigeon, honey glazed Muscovy duck, the mushroom pithivier, globe artichoke cappelletti, hazelnuts & shaved fennel salad, and Roast suckling pig, Japanese turnips, mustard leaf and shiitake. Note that Cutler & Co. is a bit pricey, but worth it.

San Telmo

San Telmo (14 Meyers Pl.) is a good choice for meat lovers. It’s actually one of the best-loved Argentinian restaurants in Melbourne, to be more precise. It would easily pass for a high-end steakhouse if it weren’t for their famous fried broccoli.

Don’t expect a healthy vegan dish, though — San Telmo’s broccoli is fried in batter, crunchy all the way, and served with grated pecorino. Other recommended dishes include vitello tonnato, morcilla, and fat polenta chips with chipotle mayo.

Best cheap restaurant Melbourne

There is many a cheap restaurant Melbourne, all of them serving delicious food. Here are some of our recommendations of best Melbourne restaurants serving $10 dishes or so. Seriously.

Biggie Smalls Kebabs

Biggie Smalls Kebabs (86 Smith St., Collingwood) serves delicious bbq (starting with the namesake kebabs). Tip: try some of the traditional dressings, such as New School (Kewpie mayo) and Old School (yoghurt, mint and garlic sauce) to go with the kebab. Falafel is also served, so the restaurant may also pass for a vegan-friendly dining option.

Grub Food Van

Grub Food Van (87–89 Moor St., Fitzroy) serves Dutch food, in a broad sense of the word. The setting is very nice, with a garden to die for. On top of enjoying some splendid cheap food, you may also opt for playing ping-pong in the greenhouse garden.

Grub’s best-loved dishes include Spanish seafood stew and duck and pork terrine. For additional convenience, Grub is quite close to many a hotel Melbourne CBD. Tip: the word “seasonal” gets a whole new definition here. Definitely recommended.

Moroccan Deli-cacy

Moroccan Deli-cacy (313 Lygon St., Brunswick) serves Moroccan vegetarian food. There is no menu, but it is safe to always expect traditional foods such as haloumi, grain salads, falafel, smoked eggplants and grilled vegetables.

Other dishes are random and may consist of crumbly cheese with lemon, a cous cous salad, summer salad with tomatoes, spring onion and shanklish and similar dishes. It is a quite affordable and pleasant place close to Brunswick accommodation Melbourne.

Melbourne restaurants at a glance

As we promised, there are good many Melbourne restaurants. We didn’t even begin to describe the variety to be expected here, in the very heart of cultural diversity. All kinds of Asian, Nigerian, Italian, German, South and North American restaurants are abundant in Melbourne, so give them a fair chance. Ask the staff for recommendations if undecided.

Best Melbourne restaurants

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