Fun things to do in Melbourne

The list of fun things to do in Melbourne just might be too long. On top of that, with tastes being different and all, who is to say the definition of “fun” is the same for everyone?

Still, some activities are generally considered fun, and especially if set in Melbourne City. For, Melbourne is one of only a few tourist hubs to host free events on a regular basis. Entertainment should not cost an arm and a leg, and Melbourne seems to hold true to this motto.  

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Fun places in Melbourne     

There are many fun places in Melbourne, albeit the term “place” just might be pushing it too far. E.g., if you happen to wake up to a clear morning, you will see hot air balloons floating above the city. And not only see them! Feel free to engage!

If you’ve never been to Melbourne before, you should know that the city is secretive. Unlike Sydney, e.g., which showcases all of its charms immediately, Melbourne will keep you excited all the way. Soon enough you will find yourself enjoying discovering its artistic alleys, small galleries and theatres, and visiting its many festivals and open markets.

The same goes for accommodation. A city so splendid certainly hides many gems, whether you are looking for a cheap retreat or for a five-star hotel. One such marvels is Hotel Lindrum, nested just around the corner from all of the notable attractions and happenings. That is to say, within a walking distance from the Federation Square, in a charming Romanesque building overlooking the Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Park.

After having found just the perfect place to stay, it is time to start unravelling Melbourne’s secrets. Some tourist hubs are generally popular merely because they display the soul of the city, while others are known for their splendour or affordability. Each to their own! Here are some must-see Melbourne spots.

The Yarra Bend Park 

The tranquillity of the Yarra Bend Park leaves no one unmoved, and this is, in our experience, a general rule. For one thing, you will easily forget you are actually within a CITY, and not in untouched wilderness. Actually, the Park winds through the heart of Melbourne, connecting it to the eastern suburbs. Thus, you may easily start the tour in the midst of the buzzing city centre and end up as far as Bulleen.

Street art at Hosier Lane 

Hosier Lane is probably the first spot most tourists get to visit, merely because it is famous. And not without good reason, mind you, as Melbourne is well-known for its artistic spirit. Hosier Lane displays some of Australia’s finest pieces of street art, but be prepared to face a myriad of tourists. If you’d prefer avoiding the fuss, simply go to a nearby unbeaten track (many of those around!) and enjoy some less-illustrious pieces of street art.

Fun things to do in Melbourne

The Merri Creek trail

The Merri Creek trail is another peaceful spot. Running alongside Melbourne’s north, the trail will provide you with some much-needed relaxation. You may either walk, cycle or run. Plus, 30 minutes by bike is the CERES Community Environment Park. Before you get there, though, don’t miss the Merri Creek Labyrinth, home to a Wishing Tree, where you may tie a secret wish.

Fun activities in Melbourne 

When referring to the fun activities in Melbourne, most tourists usually imply the city’s many festivals. We might add a good number of other amusements, too (and we will do exactly that later on). Listing all the festivals is, naturally, impossible, as they depend on the season and other factors, but the keyword for a number of fun things to do in Melbourne is the Federation Square. No matter the season, something will be going on there, and most of those activities are free to top it off.

Movie projections, dancing, singing, yoga classes... all of these are to be expected. Catering to a wide array of tastes, the Federation Square has it all — from tranquil outings to wild drinking parties. Which one are you after? Visit the official FS website for in-depth info on upcoming activities or simply ask the staff for recommendations.

Even if you are not staying at a 5 star hotel Melbourne, you may rest assured that the friendly Melbournians will help you experience the mystery they call home.  Some of the best-loved festivals include the White Night Festival (February), the Comedy Festival (April), Melbourne Fringe (September) and Melbourne Festival (October).

Fun stuff to do in Melbourne

Party souls just might have the time of their life in Melbourne. Fun stuff to do in Melbourne includes live gigs, of which there are a great many. In addition to live music at the Federation Square, there are also numerous hotels, bars and pubs, where you may enjoy your favourite music styles while sipping a glass of your favourite drink.

Fun things to do in Melbourne

Some of the most-loved live music venues include The John Curtin Hotel (Carlton), the Prince of Wales Hotel bar (St Kilda), the Retreat Hotel (Brunswick), The Reverence Hotel (Footscray) and the Yarra Hotel (Abbotsford). Rock and roll lovers should definitely visit Cherry Bar (AC/DC Lane), which “has a rock’n’roll backbone and everyone knows it,” according to James “the Hound Dog” Young, partner of the Cherry venture. 

On the lookout for more fun things to do in Melbourne? 

On the lookout for additional fun things to do in Melbourne? Aren’t we all? The city simply needs to be experienced inside and out, as it oozes an unparalleled vibe of serenity and artistry. Museums, galleries, the zoo, Luna Park, hiking trails, sightseeing tours and so many more activities are just waiting to be discovered. Refer to our additional tips for more ideas on how to experience Melbourne City to the fullest:

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