Best restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic

Melbourne might not be Paris, but it is close enough. There are many restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic, and even more outing options for happy couples. All Melbourne hotels offer private dining options, special arrangements and in-room service.

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Best romantic restaurants Melbourne: Hotels

Best romantic restaurants Melbourne are, as a rule, the ones hardest to get in. If you are looking for a high-end experience, that is. If you are good with excellent food and somewhat more relaxed clothes, you will find plenty of options just around the corner. Literally.

Best restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic

Let’s take a look at some recommendations for both restaurant types.


Rosetta (Crown Casino, 8 Southbank Blvd., Southbank) serves Italian food. For one reason or another, most couples like it, so starting with an Italian restaurant seems only fair.

Forget all about pizza — the fare for the poor; Rosetta will bring a whole new meaning to the term Italian cuisine. Handmade pasta and regional Italian dishes will leave you wanting for more (or would, if there was any vacant space left in your belly).

While waiting for your fare, you’ll get to nib at grissini bread sticks and olives at the bar. Behind the bar are some of the finest bartenders Melbourne has to offer. Take a look at Rosetta’s Australian-Italian wine and cocktail list. Both are a great idea in this place!

As for main dishes, recommended are poached tuna and pasta, pasta and pasta. Pasta is what really makes Rosetta stand out. You cannot go wrong with any choice. Tip: Rosetta plays opera, and waiters wear white linen jackets, but don’t be scared by that. After all, chef Neil Perry encourages his guests to eat his dishes with their bare hands, albeit serving them with a linen napkin.


Attica (74 Glen Eira Rd., Ripponlea) is a truly unique restaurant. Their menu never fails to amaze, as they are inventive, as well as skilful. Serving dishes in low-lit surroundings, the place is ideal for couples after privacy. Attica is an Australian cuisine restaurant all over — every dish screams native.

Recommended dishes: Cook’s leaves aged Santa Claus melon pearl cooked in paperbark, smashed avo on toast, hand-picked crab and sour damper, pests of the neighbourhood, Attica Cheftale. The restaurant also serves a full vegetarian course.

Felt Restaurant

Felt Restaurant is located in the Lindrum romantic hotel Melbourne (26 Flinders St.). It is open to all dietary requests, has a reasonably priced menu, and is set in a perfectly private setting suitable for couples. Felt serves breakfast and dinner, high tea, and hosts special events. Recommended dishes include Lindrum breakfast, Avocado & feta smash, wild mushroom ricotta and Karaage chicken ribs.

The Point

The Point (10 Aquatic Dr, Albert Park) serves excellent European food in a formal dining room. The downstairs café offers some of the finest drinks, and the entire place breathes luxury. A good choice of vegetarian dishes is also available.

Recommended courses: slow cooked pork belly, celeriac & apple, dry aged duck, red cabbage, davidson plum, triple gnocchi, pickled beetroot, spinach, walnut cream and dry-aged porterhouse.

Vue De Monde

Vue De Monde (Rialto Towers, 525 Collins St.) is a luxurious French restaurant (predominantly). It is quite expensive, too, but worth the dime. The catch is: you’ll only get one hour and forty-five minutes to attempt the four-course a la carte menu, unless you booked a table previously. Vue does two sittings, and is always in demand.

Vue De Monde is considered the finest fine-dining restaurant in Melbourne by many, but there are no vegetarians among them. If you are looking for a cruelty-free dish, don’t go there.

Gastronomes see things in a different light, however. Vue’s wallaby is a byword, and so are many other courses, like oysters, marron and wagyu. If you have enough money, are lucky to get an early booking and are a meat lover, definitely give it a go.

What to do after visiting romantic restaurants Melbourne CBD?

Decent romantic restaurants Melbourne CBD are to be found pretty much anywhere, but a truly romantic evening doesn’t end there. Or — doesn’t begin there; depends on the perspective. Melbourne is a unique city — creative, buzzing and welcoming. It doesn’t merely showcase restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic. By no means! Melbourne has so much more to offer.

Start from your chosen romantic hotel Melbourne, take a walk, maybe try a balloon ride (just take a look at the skies when you wake up and you’ll see what we mean), have some nice breakfast and get creative from there. Here are some suggestions how to spend some memorable time with your special someone before heading to dinner.

Best restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic

If you are a first-time visitor, check out where to stay Melbourne first, and proceed to our other recommendations below.

Visit Fitzroy

Fitzroy is a village-style Melbourne neighbourhood, famous for the Rose Street Artists’ Market. Not only may you buy unique art pieces there, but you will also get to enjoy exhibitions and workshops of all kinds.

I.e., Heide Makers’ Market is a must-see, especially if you are lucky to be visiting Melbourne at the right time. The Market is collaboration between the Heide Museum of Modern Art and The Rose St. Artists’ Market. It is set in the Heide Museum of Modern Art sculpture park and is open once per month from 9am until 2pm (visit the official website for additional information).

Enjoy Live Music

Live music is one of Melbourne’s biggest trademarks. The live music scene is flourishing and the pubs so numerous that there is truly a jam session to suit everyone’s taste. The Retreat Hotel’s bar (280 Sydney Rd., Brunswick) is one of the best-known live music venues.

Live music is to be had in many hotels, by the way. E.g., The John Curtin Hotel (29 Lygon St., Carlton) is quite popular, as are The Prince of Wales Hotel (29 Fitzroy St., St Kilda), The Reverence Hotel (28 Napier St., Footscray), and The Yarra Hotel (295 Johnston St., Abbotsford).

Catering to all music tastes, pubs and Melbourne accommodation venues will see you enjoying a lively night out with some seriously good live music. Did we say that most of the gigs are free?

Restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic

Visit our recommended restaurants Melbourne CBD romantic and enjoy some quality time with your significant other. As you can see, there is more to Melbourne than meets the eye, and yet we haven’t touched all the bases: galleries, museums, guided tours... After all, we all love pleasant surprises. Do some detective work on the spot!

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