Romantic getaways in Melbourne

Finding the best romantic getaways in Melbourne is a challenge indeed, given that the city displays many spectacles. A little bit of something for everyone is to be found just around the corner, so to speak, as Australia’s second-most populous city caters to all kinds of tastes. From famous tourist spots to glamorous restaurants to eco tours, Melbourne City will delight you with its never-ceasing variety.

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Romantic weekend getaways: suggestions

What romantic weekend getaways are there in Melbourne? Quite many, as it were. The city offers a wide variety of inexpensive (or even free) outing options, as well as high-end ones.

Romantic getaways in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world’s most diverse cities, with delicate charms certain to impress couples from around the globe. The mixture of cosmopolitan and scenic landscapes creates numerous possibilities for relaxation, amusement and adventure.

Dubbed “the most European Australian city”, Melbourne constitutes the finest union of the old- and the new world. The city’s prosperous arts scene is literally visible at every step; barely taking a leisurely walk will provide you with a glimpse into one of the most creative cities to have ever come to be. From street art to striking architecture to art galleries to theatres, Melbourne City is an artistic marvel in every sense of the word.

Art is just the beginning; it certainly does deserve to be mentioned first, but it is by no means the only spectacle to be beheld in Melbourne City. Outings of all kinds are welcome by establishments — small and luxurious alike — from private bars to renowned restaurants.

E.g., Footscray’s Ethiopian community is home to several restaurants and pubs where you can taste Ethiopian vegetarian food and some splendid coffee. And this is just one of many similar examples.

If you are travelling on a limited budget, here are additional suggestions.

Melbourne Central Business District

Exploring the Central Business District is the first step to undertake. Simply take the free City Circle tram to get a sense of the place. The tram stops at all main attractions (of which there are many!), including large galleries, Queen Victoria Market, Carlton Gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Queen Victoria Market showcases shops selling souvenirs and clothing, as well as some of the tastiest (and cheapest) food shops. Taste the börek or freshly prepared jam donuts and visit the nearby Carlton Gardens.

St Kilda

St Kilda is a suburb where you may enjoy a swim at the beach. Nearby are the Luna Park, Acland Street (famous for its European cake shops) and Fitzroy Street (visit The Banff — a homely restaurant serving pizzas and pastas for less than $10). Many additional affordable dining venues are scattered around the place.

Romantic getaways in Melbourne

Federation Square

Federation Square is the place to be on Saturday evenings, especially in the summer. The Square has free music and movies, and hosts one community festival or another on a regular basis.

On top of that, many amazing programs are available for free during working days, e.g., Tai Chi and Yoga classes, various exhibitions and meditation lessons.

Numerous notable activities take place at the Federation Square. One of them is the Birrarung Wilam River Walk, hosted by a Koorie Heritage Trust guide. The Walk will take you to the Aboriginal art installations, and the guide will introduce the Aboriginal history of the Birrarung Marr and the Aboriginal Peoples of the Kulin Nation. Other guided tours are also abundant and depart daily — Monday to Saturday at 11am (public holidays excluded).

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As opposed to Sydney, Melbourne is more subtle and relaxing, while providing plenty of amusements and many opportunities to enjoy art in all of its forms. Therefore, finding perfect romantic getaways really depends on specific tastes. One thing is certain, though: there is an option for everyone... well, more than one, really.

Dining options are varied, to put it mildly, as they range from cheap and tasty local dishes and snacks to luxurious fares at specialized restaurants. All that — in the vicinity of wherever you are. For, Melbourne indeed is a mixture of glamour and privacy, and discovering its utmost secrets just might prove to be as rewarding as dining out.

Melbourne’s alleys are open only to pedestrians and are swarming with small pubs and bars, as well as widely prized restaurants. The city has numerous neighbourhoods: the abovementioned St Kilda Road displays art galleries, Bourke and Collins streets — shops, The Yarra district — the namesake river, and South Melbourne — the welcoming bay.

Enjoying romantic getaways in Melbourne

Enjoying romantic getaways in Melbourne is one of the many sweet experiences for first-time visitors. Barely selecting a pub a night might prove to be overwhelming, so the best advice would be: take a walk and experience a bit of everything! We may help with some suggestions, though.

When it comes to pubs, bars and dining for two, top-ranked ones include: The Palace Hotel (505-507 City Rd., South Melbourne), Marquis of Lorne (George St., Fitzroy), The Woodlands Hotel (84-88 Sydney Rd., Coburg), Gasometer Hotel (484 Smith St., Collingwood),The Catfish (30 Gertrude St., Fitzroy),The Tote (67-71 Johnston St., Collingwood), The Local Taphouse (4 Carlisle St., St Kilda East), The Drunken Poet (65 Peel St., West Melbourne), The Alehouse Project (98-100 Lygon St., Brunswick East), The Fox Hotel (351 Wellington St., Collingwood), The Royston (12 River St., Richmond), Mt View Hotel (68-70 Bridge Rd., Richmond), Forester's Pub and Dining (64 Smith St., Collingwood) and Garden State Hotel (101 Flinders Ln., Melbourne).

All in all, there are plenty of choices for couples visiting Melbourne. Enjoy plenty of live music, romantic pubs and local festivities.

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