Visiting the Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo, or the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, is one of the most incredible sightseeing spots in the city. Located in the Royal Park in Parkville, and roughly four kilometres (2.5 mi) north of the centre, it’s a place where you can see, touch and feel the true magic of Australia. With more than 320 animal species from home and around the world, it’s the perfect family activity while in Melbourne.

The famous Melbourne Zoo is Australia's oldest zoo, modelled according to the one in London. It was opened on the 6th of October 1862, at the Royal Park, and today, it occupies an area of 55 acres.

Furthermore, one of the most popular and committed persons in the history of the Zoo was Albert Alexander Cochrane Le Souef. He was the man responsible for turning the ZOO into the marvellous attraction you can see today. During his appointment, he brought exotic animals and created gardens and picnic areas. It’s impossible to talk about the Melbourne Zoo without mentioning this incredible zoologist.

Moreover, the popularity of the Melbourne Zooincreased over time, and now it’s one of the first places where tourists go to experience Australian beauty. Inside the Melbourne Zoo, you can catch a glimpse of koala bears, kangaroos, dingos, marsupials or cockatoos. Since Australia has some of the most unique animal species in the world, this will be quite an experience for anyone.

The Zoo Experience

If you’re expecting a journey through wildlife, you will receive one! In this Zoo, you will look upon Asian and African rainforests, marvel at Australian bushland and even peak underwater.

Here is a list of the most popular exhibits in the Melbourne Zoo:

  • Trails of the Elephants – six elephants
  • Butterfly House – a walk-through exhibit for tropical butterflies
  • Orangutan Sanctuary – pure Sumatran orangutans and Sumatran-Bornean hybrids
  • Asian Rainforest – Sumatran tigers, Oriental small-clawed otters and Asian birds
  • Australian Outback – kangaroos, emus, wombats, koalas, echidnas, lace monitors and different types of birds
  • Great Flight Aviary – southern cassowaries, brolga, royal spoonbills, eclectus parrots, and red-tailed black cockatoos
  • Predator Precinct - male lions, African wild hunting dogs, snow leopards, coatis, Sumatran tigers and Tasmanian Devils
  • Wild Sea - seals, little penguins, Australian pelicans and fiddler rays
  • Reptile House - Australian exotic reptiles
  • African Rainforest - male ringtail lemurs and western lowland gorillas
  • Treetop Apes and Monkeys - white-cheeked gibbons, black-handed spider monkeys, black-capped capuchins and black-and-white colobus
  • Baboon Lookout - Hamadryas baboons
  • Growing wild - meerkats and giant tortoises

You can wave to the koalas or watch monkeys swing from tree to tree. Marvel at the kangaroos or take a picture of the famous Tasmanian Devils, it’s up to you! In this Zoo, you will have plenty of choices.

The Melbourne Zoo is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Children under 16 years of age receive a free entry every weekend, during Victorian Government school holidays and on Victorian public holidays. Moreover, if you’re considering accommodation in the city, Hotel Lindrum is located in the CBD area, close to every major attraction.