Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium: Plan Your Visit

Melbourne has many attractions and cultural landmarks that are popular for both tourists and locals. Whether you’ve never been before or are planning a repeat trip to the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, there’s never been a better time to visit.

Melbourne Aquarium – Highlights, Tips & Tricks

The Melbourne Aquarium is one of the city’s most loved attractions; it is one of the best and largest aquariums in the world, holding over 550 species in total. Here are some tips and can’t-miss aspects to help you plan the best possible visit to the aquarium.

The Melbourne Aquarium is conveniently located in central Melbourne, positioned on the Yarra River. Off of both King Street and Flinders Street, two of Melbourne’s most active and well-known streets, it could not be easier to get to.

Pro Tip: Take the tram to the King Street/Flinders Street station and arrive nearly at the entrance of the aquarium.

There are multiple zones at the Sea Life Aquarium for every age of guest. Take your pick and visit your favourites or try to hit all of them during your stay:

- Mermaid Garden
- Coral Atoll
- Interactive Wonder Wall
- Shipwreck Explorer
- Seahorse Pier
- Rainforest Adventure
- Penguin Playground
- Coral Caves
- Bay of Rays
- Mangroves and Rockpools
- Crocodile Lair

Pro Tip: Book a flexible ticket – available online only – and you won’t need to choose a date. Perfect for when you’re in the beginning stages of planning your trip and not quite sure what your dates will be

The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium holds one of the most unique and rare experiences of any aquarium. The Shark Dive Xtreme guarantees an up-close underwater encounter with sharks. Dive below the surface to come face-to-face with some of the strongest, most illusive animals in the ocean.

Shark Dive Xtreme puts you in the action, but not in harms way. An adventure-lover will rejoice at the opportunity to experience this once-in-a-lifetime swim.

Pro Tip: The Sea Life Aquarium is a great place to host events, be it smaller private events or large-scale venue needs, such as weddings, Sea Life Aquarium offers a unique environment for and beautiful setting along the banks of the Yarra River.

Where to stay near Sea Life

Hotel Lindrum offers easy access to Melbourne’s Sea Life Aquarium. If you have young kids or a diverse age range of family members to satisfy, Sea Life is a great location to stay close to.

Located just off of Flinders Street itself, Hotel Lindrum is just moments from Sea Life Aquarium. Let Hotel Lindrum staff assist you in getting there; it is fast and really easy to find from the Lindrum.

After your visit, a leisurely stroll down Flinders Street, which runs roughly parallel to the Yarra, will take you along some of the best shopping, dining and art galleries in the city. It is an enjoyable way to walk back to the Hotel after a morning at the Aquarium. Flinders Street is perfectly safe to walk at night as well; if you hit the Aquarium in the afternoon, walk back via Flinders and stop for dinner on your way back.

Once back at the Hotel, The Lindrum invites a different type of adventure.

Retire to your luxuriously comfortable room to unwind or grab a nightcap at Eric’s Bar. Cozy corners and rich décor make the hotel lobby and common spaces ideal for an end-of-the-night drink or dessert from the bar menu. Or, play a round of pool where hundreds of famous billiards players once practiced their game. The perfect end to a perfect day in Melbourne.

Whether you are here just for the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium itself or are just looking for something else to do during your stay, Hotel Lindrum will not disappoint!