Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival stands tall among the world’s best festivals.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, celebrating its 33rd year in 2019, is one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world, alongside Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival. Next year it will run from 27 March - 21 April 2019.

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is an annual event and provides an enormous line up of cabaret, theatre, street performance, film, television, radio, stand-up comedy and visual arts. It was first launched in 1987 by Barry Humphries and Peter Cook and  it has grown to be Australia's largest cultural event with well over 600,000 attendees.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival aims to: discover, develop and showcase great talent for the entertainment and inspiration of a broad based audience.

So whether you're planning to head out to see some of your favourite local line ups or comedians travelling from the other side of the world, there will certainly be plenty to see at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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