Guide to Melbourne

Visit Melbourne, the beautiful, coastal capital of Victoria and discover the city from your base in the CBD area.

If Melbourne has been on your travel bucket list since forever, these fantastic spots and attractions will point you in the right direction!
Experience Melbourne the right way, as the perfect mix of a vibrant and charming scene, and historical and modern architectural wonders!

Guide to Melbourne


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#1 – Federation Square – Since it was open for public use in 2002, the Fed Square has captured the hearts and minds of people. It’s the perfect spot to start a sightseeing tour of Melbourne and to get a taste of the culture in the city.

#2 – Royal Botanic Gardens – As one of the most renowned gardens in the world, the Royal Botanic Gardens have been welcoming guests since 1846. They cover an area of 38 hectares with over 8,500 species. You can even take a tour that takes you on an educational journey about the heritage of indigenous Australians.

#3 – Southbank promenade – This is the perfect example of the vibrant life that Melbourne has to offer. A whole array of indoor/outdoor cafés, restaurants, and stores that feature delicious food and live music are at your disposal.

#4 - Arts Centre – From the legendary Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to the State Theatre. In the Arts Center, you can also catch shows in the famous Playhouse, Fairfax Theatre, and Hamer Hall.

#5 – National Gallery of Victoria – It’s the oldest and most famous public art gallery in Australia with over 70,000 works of art. If you’re an art lover, you must visit this museum. You can gaze at the colourfully stained glass ceiling and at “The Pioneer” by Frederick McCubbin.

#6 - Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building – Both buildings are on the same location, and they feature some of the most exciting tours in the city. The Royal Exhibition Building was once the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia up until 1901.

#7 – Tram Tour – The City Circle Tram Tour was “designed” for tourists that want to experience Melbourne in the most authentic way possible, on a tram. It will take you all over the CBD area where you can take a quick look at the Parliament House, the Old Treasury Building, Princess Theatre, and the Windsor Hotel. Trams pass approximately every 12 minutes.

#8 - Melbourne Zoo – It was opened in the distant 1862, and today it features over 320 species on 22-hectares of land. You can check out the Trail of the Elephants tour, and the impressive Orang-utan Sanctuary.

#9 – Yarra River Cruise – It’s an alternative way to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful parts of the city, which is also fun and romantic. On a Yarra River Cruise, you will learn about the rich history of the river and how vital it was for the development of Melbourne.
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