MGallery Stories That Stay

Outstanding stories, not just hotels

The MGallery Hotel Collection features boutique hotels, each with its own original design and unique stories to tell. Choosing MGallery is choosing to live and experience Memorable Moments.

Places are more than just walls and timber, they are masonry with history. They are outstanding stories to be read and lived. Each one of our hotels has been authored by its surroundings and history, expressed here as a gallery of iconic objects.

"We bring together hotels that have a strong identity with a unique design that tells a story. At MGallery you can either experience an indulgent wellbeing break, enjoy a lively cocktail tasting or live a true Memorable Moment."

With more than 100 boutique hotels, the MGallery collection allows you to discover more than 30 destinations around the world. In the city centre, along the seashore, nestled within nature or set in extraordinary locales, the hotels of the MGallery collection invite you to explore the world and all its splendors. MGallery, a storied collection of hotels around the world.

It all started with a ball, a cue and a table
Listen closely and you might just hear the hollow sound of a cue ball making the break shot at the Hotel Lindrum Melbourne. Before it became an MGallery hotel, it was best known as Lindrum’s Billiard Centre, a hub for passionate billiard players so named in honor of the world-renowned billiard champion, Walter Lindrum, and a family that had produced four generations of champions and snooker players.

The legend lives on inside the hotel’s Billiard Room where guests can discover an original billiard table lovingly restored to its former glory by Alcock, Walter and Thompson, the company that originally built the table. Memorabilia of Walter Lindrum in his championship era adorn the walls, creating an unmistakable sense of place.

And in memory of even earlier years, when the red brick Romanesque Revival style building housed the Griffiths Brothers tea company and later the Herald newspaper, Griffiths items are displayed in the bar.

The professional game may be no longer but the Lindrum family’s billiard culture lives on.