Melbourne Fringe Festival: Where To Stay

If you thought Melbourne was the most artistic, energetically vibrant city in Australia, you would be right. Melbourne is bustling with culture, art and athletics. It’s only right that Fringe Festival, Australia’s most unique arts festival is held in Melbourne each year. If you’re looking for the best place to stay during Melbourne Fringe Festival, you’ve come to the right place.

A Comedy Festival, Art Festival, Musical Celebration, All in One

Melbourne Fringe Festival isn’t just a comedy festival, it isn’t just performance art, it isn’t just music and it isn’t just a visual arts display – it is all of the above and then some!

For 2 and ½ weeks in September, Melbourne comes alive with a display of every form of art imaginable. Thousands of artists present over 450 works of art in 170 unexpected, exciting venues.

What does that mean?

In a typical art festival, you might see pieces displayed in galleries, on festival grounds or performed in theaters. While taking advantage of those spaces as well, Fringe Festival embraces unusual and unique venues such as:

- Bookshops and libraries
- Restaurants and cafes
- In alleyways and on front porches
- In living rooms and basements
- In cars or converted buses

Fringe Festival invites the entire city to participate and embrace the creativity of the event. The 3,000+ audience members are considered in each-and-every piece. Put on by artists and creatives, for artists and creatives, it is a festival unlike any other in Melbourne or the world.

Open access to all means anyone can participate, that means you too.

Experience cultural democracy and art that speaks to anyone and everyone. Bold, crazy, unique; thrilling, hilarious and inspiring; it’s all at Fringe Festival!

Standout pieces from last year include an interactive performance that asks for young people’s opinion of adults (Truth or Dare?), a virtual reality piece that dives below the surface of the prehistoric ocean and interactive musical instrument installations.

Free performances in Federal Square blend comedy, circus acts, music and street performers for an afternoon of family fun.

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced – you won’t be able to look away.

Accommodation to match the mood

You can’t exactly see the sorts of things Fringe Festival displays and then retire to a generic, mundane hotel room. Instead, enjoy accommodation just as unique and interesting as the Festival itself.

Hotel Lindrum is the historic boutique experience you’re seeking following a day of excitement at Fringe Festival.

Established in a building with a rich history – having been once used for tea merchants, then as a news printing headquarters, then as a famous billiards hall, all before becoming a hotel – this hotel is anything but ordinary.

Modern amenities coincide well with the luxurious, old-world architecture and charm. Staying true to it’s beginnings, Hotel Lindrum offers guests a newspaper upon arrival, access to the intimate and inviting billiards room and even has a restaurant appropriately named felt onsite.

It’s hard to find a hotel that embodies a city as well as the Lindrum does Melbourne. Embracing history, maintaining it’s cultural roots and modernizing when necessary, it truly is the essence of Melbourne in a boutique hotel.

When staying for the Fringe Festival, you will find staff eager to help you attend all of the performances you want and help you get the best view of the pieces you want to see. Hotel Lindrum is centrally located for the ease of tourists, which makes Fringe Festival guests no exception.

Come for the amazing Melbourne Fringe Festival, stay for the comfortable rooms, top-notch staff and ideal location. You adventure doesn’t have to end when you head home for the night!