Melbourne International Arts Festival: The Best Accommodation

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural hub, home to much of the country’s most significant musical, artistic and theatrical communities. National Galleries that contain indigenous and Australian artwork are housed in the city, as well as an impression Art Precinct. It seems only fitting that the Melbourne International Arts Festival is housed here in Australia.

What is an arts festival? (and why you shouldn’t miss Melbourne’s!)

An arts festival can mean any number of things because ‘the arts’ extends beyond just drawing and painting to music, theater, dance and more. Art festivals are a place for artists of any form to showcase their work and exchange ideas with like-minded artists. It is a place for creativity to flourish and new work to be explored.

Come as an artist to showcase your work or come as a bystander to enjoy and be inspired to create your own pieces.

Because Melbourne is already such an expressive, creative city, an arts festival here is bound to be particularly vibrant.

Showcasing some of the best and most unique talent in the world, The Melbourne International Arts Festival has been occurring annually for over 30 years. Almost a half a million attendees show up each year to see more than 1,000 amazing artists.

Visual arts pieces include those from multiple mediums such as photography, paint, mixed media, sculpture and even fire installations. Other genres include the usual dance, theater and musical acts as well as more obscure and unique ones like circus performances.

Last year’s piece showcased such amazing pieces as Tanderrum, a ceremony performance that showcases the First Peoples of Melbourne, ensuring traditional culture remains present and relevant into the modern age.

You can expect the unexpected at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, with never-before-seen performances and pieces and a broad and deeply passionate international group of artists.

Stay close to the action at the Hotel Lindrum

Not to be outdone by the festival itself, Hotel Lindrum is a unique boutique hotel accommodation experience.

Historic and charmingly well-preserved, Hotel Lindrum has a colorful past. Changing hands from tea-merchants to a Herald newspaper printing headquarters and finally to a famous billiard establishment, the building holds many stories.

In 1999, it was commissioned as the Hotel Lindrum we know today and has truly flourished since then. Welcoming you with nods to it’s roots, each Lindrum guest receives a printed newspaper upon arrival and each morning and gets access to the billiard room. The fine dining establishment on the grounds is appropriately named felt for the green material covering traditional billiards tables.

But don’t let these old-school touches fool you; the Lindrum is well-updated and modernized for your comfort. Luxury in every way, you will never feel like you are in an old building.

Stay at Hotel Lindrum while you’re in town for the Melbourne International Arts Festival to be close to the action and experience yet another burst of the rich culture Melbourne is known for.

With convenient public transportation access, Arts Festival events in walking distance and a team of staff prepared to make sure you don’t miss a second of the action, it is the best choice to stay during the International Arts Festival.

Retired to a comfortable, relaxing room after you’ve spent the day inspired and swimming in ideas; you’ll need a good nights sleep to prepare for the next day’s showcases.

If you only attend one international art festival in 2019, make it the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Melbourne is a vibrant city great for all ages – come with your partner or come with the whole family to enjoy something for absolutely everyone. Stay at Hotel Lindrum to enjoy you experience that much more. See you soon!