Flinders Street hotels in Melbourne: More than just accommodation

Searching for the best Flinders Street hotels in Melbourne? Don’t limit your options to finding just another hotel; at Hotel Lindrum, you get luxury accommodation, award-winning service and world-class dining, all at a reasonable price and in a great location.

Flinders Street, Melbourne is the perfect location for both tourists and locals stopping through for either business or leisure. Find out why below.

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Finding the best Accommodation, Flinders Street Melbourne

Searching for a hotel in any city can be tedious. Melbourne is particularly difficult given the vast number of luxury, boutique and even budget hotels that are all available within the city. Looking on Flinders Street can help you narrow your search! To find the best accommodation Flinders Street Melbourne affords both travelers and natives, Hotel Lindrum will check all of your boxes.

Flinders Street is a 2km stretch of street that forms the southern edge of Hoddle Grid, making up a square of streets that comprise the Central Business District in Melbourne. Together, Flinders Street, Spencer Street, La Trobe Street and Spring Street make up the Hoddle Grid.

The central business district makes up the nucleus of Melbourne’s metropolitan city, bustling with tourists enjoying a meal or a day of shopping, along with businessmen or women going about their careers. It is at once the most leisurely and the most professional neighborhoods in all of Melbourne.

Why Booking a Hotel in Finlanders Street Melbourne is Your Best Choice

Flinders Street is home to some of the best restaurants, bars and shops in the Melbourne CBD. Booking one of the Flinders Street hotels ensures a great stay in Melbourne by staying close to all of the action, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Staying in a hotel on Finlanders Street Melbourne offers visitors a chance to experience the true Spirit of Melbourne. A street in Melbourne’s beautiful CBD where history and contemporary fuse in a unique atmosphere. While experiencing the buzzing and urban Melbourne from the very centre of affairs, tourists are witnessing one of the most significant historical places in the city. It is where the city was born and from where evolved to be one of the most famous Australian cities.

Lindrum is a luxury Hotel Near Flinders Street Station Melbourne, the oldest station from where Melbourne began growing in a great metropolitan city. Staying in the heart of the city allows visitors to easily travel to all city parts, famous districts and notable places and suburbs. Located near the Finlanders Street Station, hotel Lindrum is just a walking distance away from this oldest central station in Melbourne. Apart from the historical significance and being one of the most notable buildings in Melbourne, the nearness of the station to the hotel makes tourists’ navigation through the city easy and convenient.

If you choose a hotel on Flinders Street Melbourne you would be surrounded by the most popular attractions any visitor wouldn’t want to miss. To start with the famous Federations Square and the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral that is right across the street and not to forget the beautiful view over the Yarra River. The beautiful night and day cruises start and finish here, offering tourists another great perspective on the city.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience Melbourne in the best way possible. A great holiday starts with booking suitable accommodation. If you are looking for a hotel in Melbourne, Flinders Street is your ultimate location choice. Apart from the greatest location Hotel Lindrum will offer luxurious amenities, comfortable stay and best dining.

Flinders Street hotel, Flinders room booking

Setting high standards for your Flinders room booking will ensure a great experience in Melbourne!

Consider what you want from your hotel: great customer service, great dining options, great location and a luxurious, relaxing stay.

Great customer service

Hotel Lindrum sets the highest standards for great customer service, placing particular importance on ensuring you get everything you need throughout the duration of your stay.

By hand-selecting a passionate and knowledgeable team of staff, Hotel Lindrum offers an ideal stay for every single guest.

Booking.com reveals some of the guests’ favourite things about the staff they met during their stay:

The friendliness of the staff all the way through our stay made us feel at home from the moment we arrived.” – Claudia, Australia

Staff (everyone from reception to bar staff and house cleaning) were extremely obliging — nothing was too much bother.” – Jen, Australia

The staff were amazing. Even when dealing with a total wanker being demanding at the front desk, I saw the staff be super professional. And even manage a smile!” – Anonymous, Australia

Great dining options: Flinders Street restaurants

Flinders Street restaurants are diverse and plentiful! Finding accommodation directly on Flinders Street means never being bored or far from tons of dining options. Breakfast, lunch and dinner — plus drinks or appetizers in-between — can all be found up and down Flinders Street.

Enjoy fare from France, Japan, Spain and even right here in Aussie itself!

Can’t take a break from business or sightseeing? Grab a quick bite from one of the many fast food options that line the street as well!

Too lazy to leave the hotel? We don’t blame you. Hotel Lindrum makes you feel so comfortable that it will be hard to find a reason to leave. Luckily, you don’t have to, with many of the onsite and in-house dining options.

Try felt restaurant for upscale dining, or Eric’s bar for a quick, midday pick-me-up and snack. You can also order from the extensive in-room dining menu.

Great location

Did we mention location?

In case you missed it, Flinders Street is ideal for both tourists and locals, business persons and families. Enjoy a romantic weekend for two or take the whole family along to Hotel Lindrum on Flinders Street.

Flinders Street is central enough that you are close to all of the action, but away from the main drags of tourist attractions, making it ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep, once the night finally comes to an end.

Especially if you are staying just a short time, Flinders Street is where you want to be.

Finally, luxurious and relaxing accommodation Flinders Street Melbourne

The luxury décor, linens and toiletry amenities at Hotel Lindrum make your stay as spectacular as possible. Relax beneath a blanket of silky, heavenly scented bath bubbles, slip between soft and crisply pressed cotton sheets and fall back on a pile of plush pillows at the end of your night. Luxury accommodation Flinders Street Melbourne doesn't have to be impossible to find.

You can even enjoy the luxury of cushioned slippers and a spa-quality bathrobe, any time of the day.

Hotel Lindrum knows that high-quality materials and attention to detail can make all the difference.

The Best Hotel Flinders Lane

Hotel Lindrum offers the best Flinders lane accommodation, at an affordable price.

Enjoy 5-star quality accommodation at a fair price!

Australia is a notoriously expensive country. From cosmetics to tobacco products, dining out to gasoline prices, everything is far more expensive than most other areas of the world.


Part of it has to do with distance, part of it has to do with geo-blocking on things like electronics and technology. High taxes on many things also add to those high costs. However, Australians have found ways to combat these costs with higher wages for workers.

For those that do not live in Australia, however, the balance is not so even.

You can still have an affordable holiday, if you find accommodation that suits your budget. Hotel Lindrum makes it easy to afford your holiday without sacrificing anything: location, luxury or even great dining.

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This is my 3rd stay at The Lindrum in as many weeks. Absolutely love it! Excellent location, quiet, comfortable bed and pillows and a beautiful breakfast to boot!” – Elaine, Australia

If you’re looking to stay close to the dining, close to the business center and close to tourist attractions, Flinders Street hotels are where you should be looking. Hotel Lindrum makes that search easier.

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