Small Function Rooms Melbourne: The Australian Room

Hotel Lindrum offers meeting rooms for Melbourne professionals to hold off-site meetings in a luxury environment.

The Australian Room, set at the historic site of Hotel Lindrum, is one of the most requested and stylish small function rooms Melbourne has to offer to event organisers. The décor and ambience of the Australian Room are perfect for corporate meetings, conferences and small workshops. The space is ideal for a group of people that want to share professional information and maneuver corporate strategies in a luxurious yet elegant atmosphere.

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When you walk into the room (23 m2) you will notice the modest sophistication that defines the tone of the interior decoration. The walls are painted with pastel beige colours that create a very safe and calming atmosphere, ideal for focus and stress-free motivation. Your associates will feel more relaxed to take in your presentation and put forward their individual ideas.

The room is ornamented with fresh lily flowers to bring out the elegance of the setting. The black leather chairs and the large glass table are comfortable, and the place is spacious enough for up to 10 people. You can hold your business meeting in a boardroom-style space while everyone is seated and paying attention.

The Hotel Lindrum is located in the hub of the CBD area, across the famous Federation Square, within walking distance of every major attraction in the district. The Australian Room is on the first floor of the hotel, equipped with a kitchenette and a private bathroom. When you choose the Melbourne conference venue, you gain access to the famous Back Bar and Billiard Room.

“I've stayed in many of the business hotels in Melbourne, but have often found them to be efficient, but not very cozy or personal. The facilities and rooms are typical business hotel (with quite large rooms), but what stood out for me was the personal service from the moment I walked in through the door. Rather than a large impersonal reception, it felt like walking into a large house, with an ambience that I'd not experienced in the large glitzy hotels south of the Yarra.” Ray F from Sydney, Australia, via TripAdvisor

The charming Hotel Lindrum with its opulent background story is the perfect alternative to a unique conference experience. You and your colleagues will get the combination of professional treatment and a friendly, warm atmosphere with excellent service and choice menus. You can cherry pick from the sweet, healthy and savoury options.

We can prepare gluten-free and vegetarian dishes as well. Also, you can find gourmet dinner and lunch options and drinking menus available. Alternatively, we custom-tailor a special list for you.

The Australian Room is entirely furnished with audio and video equipment. If you require any help setting the gear up or you have some additional requests, just inform our staff, and they will assist you. When you book the room, you also get:

  • Flipchart
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector screen
  • Telephone
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • VGA (Video Graphics Array) and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection to laptop/notebook
  • Flat-screen television

Function spaces Melbourne: At the felt restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the area is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Lindrum, the felt. Part of the elegant function spaces Melbourne can offer are held at the felt. The inviting and charming style of the restaurant will stir a feeling of cheerfulness the moment you walk in through the doors.

Every detail has been carefully selected by the interior designers to bring out the French chic bistro look, making the scenery a bit more magical.

The polished wooden floors are welcoming, and they make the place warmer, a bit more rustic, and they add to the natural charm of the earthy tones. The big beautiful mirrors and paintings hanging on the walls open the space up and are very artsy and easy to look at while you are having dinner. The combination of white and dark brown is a signature look for the felt; the contrasting colours enhance the ambience.

With room for 40 guests, you can see why the felt restaurant would be the perfect function room. You could have a wedding reception or a wedding party, and celebrate a birthday or an anniversary; it is up to you.

The restaurant was named after the green “felt” lining on top of the original billiard table, famous because of Walter Lindrum (World Professional Champion in billiard). It is one of Hotel Lindrum ’s beautiful function rooms. Melbourne features many restaurants in the CBD area, but the felt is a unique combination of a contemporary style, blending within a historical Melbourne landmark.

“We had Madeleine and Alex serving our table, and these young staff members were an absolute delight. They were totally committed to their service. Their warmth and friendliness were exemplary. This made our day an exceptional one. The food in the felt restaurant is outstanding with great variety and amazing attention to detail. A very high-quality meal, and we totally recommend this restaurant, even in you are not staying in the hotel. You will be very happy with this fine dining experience.” PaulineWonthaggi from Wonthaggi via TripAdvisor

Every guest that visits the felt restaurant leaves happy and pleased with the food and the service of our staff. On the menu, created by the renowned Chef Connor Min, you will find locally produced and exquisitely prepared ingredients, made with a twist from the fusion cuisine. You can try many different dishes, from shitake mushroom dumplings to hand-pressed corzetti pasta, complemented with an extensive wine list and cocktail drinks.

The staff will make your experience at the felt even more special. Our servers, chefs and professionals are very attentive and friendly, and they will take care of your needs and requirements. If you have an idea for the ideal celebration, you can share it with them, and they will try and make it happen.

The felt restaurant has everything you can wish for, including elegance, style, delicious cuisine, skilled staff and a great historical significance.

Function rooms Melbourne, venue hire: Lindrum Back Bar and Billiard Room

If you need the perfect laid-back yet elegant venue hire, Melbourne’s Back Bar and Billiard Room, located in Hotel Lindrum, is the one you should book. The ambience of the place and all the memorabilia placed around are a reminder of the glorious days of Walter Lindrum.

The hotel history is reflected in everything you can see and touch that bears the marks of a time long past. If you are a history or a billiard lover, then this room is designed for you.

From the time it was build in the early 20th century till today, the building has been home to famous merchants, the Herald newspaper and the Lindrum's Billiard Centre. The wooden floors, the original billiards table, the pictures and the small tokens all point to a different place in time.

From the flow of tea and coffee to busy newsrooms filled with reporters, to players drinking fine beer and shooting pool, the walls of this great hotel carry history inside them.

The atmosphere of the Back Bar and Billiard Room is very warm, comfortable and inviting. The fireplace behind the bar and the big leather sofas make you feel like you walked into an urbane gallery where you can relax and drink a glass of rum. From themed wedding receptions to small and intimate celebrations among friends, this place will lift the spirits of your party, and our staff will provide you with everything you might need.

“The Lindrum is a very cute, unique building on Flinders Street. The service was outstanding the whole visit through. All the staff were friendly and answered all our questions happily. The location was perfect. The fireplace and snooker table located on the ground floor added warmth to the hotel, and the extra comfy lounges with beautiful cushions were a welcome treat after a day of walking around the city streets. The wooden floorboards throughout the building add a rustic feel and charm to the hotel.” MartaSydney1 from Sydney via TripAdvisor

There is even an old-time chess table in the Beck Bar, where you can sit down with a friend, have a drink and play a few games of chess, while the rest are playing billiards. If your idea includes a fun, exceptional celebration, where you can choose between many different beverages and indulge in a bunch of group activities, then this is the spot.

The open fireplace is another remarkable feature of the Beck Bar, where you can sit down and relax while drinking a hot cup of coffee. The ambience is stimulating and relaxing at the same time. If it happens to rain during your celebration event, you are going to love the coziness of the fireplace.

At the wooden, polished bar, our bartenders serve signature cocktails with a twist. The domestic and exported wine and beer list is extensive, and you can try anything from the white Sauvignon Blanc to a glass of red Cabernet Sauvignon. The cocktail greats are on the list too, including the Mojito, Sidecar, Cosmopolitan and many more.

Other venues, unique function venues Melbourne packages and offers at Hotel Lindrum

The perfect, unique function venues Melbourne location of Hotel Lindrum, nestled in the central CBD area, along with the contemporary amenities make it the ideal combination for an event. You can create an exclusive and inspiring happening with everything (space, cuisine, staff and technology) at your disposal.

One of the packages available at Hotel Lindrum is the Day Delegate Package, where you will book the Australian Room for full-day use or half-day use.

In this superior offer, you will get more than the elegant and stylish Australian Room. We will provide you with technical support, and as a token of our appreciation, you will have complimentary notepads and pens. Our catering includes tea and coffee (for breaks and during the meeting) and a gourmet working lunch.

One of our most inspirational packages is the Boutique Weddings venue, where we will help you organise the wedding of your dreams. If your goal is to have an intimate marriage ceremony setting with your closest family and friends, where every detail is unique, then the Hotel Lindrum can offer you a fantastic experience and the best location in the city.

Our staff will help you prepare everything, and with this offer, you can choose to have the wedding ceremony, wedding night and honeymoon at Hotel Lindrum. Our team of professionals will provide you with a stylish setting and customised service that will make your wedding unforgettable.

You can relax and enjoy the experience without having to worry too much about the details. All you have to do is decide on the option that suits you best.

You have two selections for the wedding reception: the elegant and stylish felt restaurant or the historically genuine and exceptional Back Bar and Billiard Room. Each of these function rooms has its charm, so it is up to you to see which ambience suits you more. However, with the “Exclusive Use” option, you can get them both.

The room capacity at the felt is perfect for a cocktail celebration of 50 and a seated dinner of 40 people. The cuisine served at the ceremony can be discussed and customised with our chef. His expertise is renowned, and so is the felt restaurant, so you will know that your guests are going to enjoy the fare.

If you decide to spend the night, Hotel Lindrum delivers a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine in-room for your intimate fête. However, if you want all of your family and friends with you during the night, you should consider the “Exclusive Use” option. It gives you access to 59 rooms, the Billiard Room, the Back Bar, The Australian Room and the felt restaurant, all this with the service staff at your disposal.

With the help of our staff, you can easily book gatherings, corporate events or celebrations at Hotel Lindurm’s function rooms. Lindrum's small function rooms Melbourne are the perfect place for a party or a board meeting. 

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