Appelles Spa Box

Appelles Spa Box


Surprise and delight with an Appelles Spa pack. We have selected our favourite items from the Appelles range all meticulously presented, stylishly packaged and delivered to your door.

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Product Description

Immerse yourself. Buff and soothe with the Appelles body scrub, relax with the bath fizz and detox with the Himalayan bath salts. Release the stress, relieve the tension, unwind and indulge with the Appelles Spa Box.

Spa Box contains:

  • Green Seaweed Bath Bomb - 100g
  • Vitamin B3 Bath Caviar - 40g
  • Vitamin B3 Body Buff - 55g
  • Himalayan Bath Salts - 60g
  • Body Loofah

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
  • Appelles products contain certified organic Australian ingredients from renewable sources that are scientifically proven to nurture your skin and hair;
  • Appelles use only the highest quality chemical compounds in conjunction with select natural ingredients resulting in an efficacious product;
  • Appelles strive to ensure their packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Currently 90% of their bottles, casings and gift boxes (packaging) are biodegradable and they are working on the remaining 10%;
  • All Appelles products are paraben free;
  • Appelles do not condone animal testing and, as such, all Appelles items are animal cruelty free;

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